The integral consultant of the health professional

We collaborate with the medical professional and with healthcare companies so that they can dedicate themselves solely to caring for their patients.

And, like them, we do prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all management processes.

Mano transparencia

We grow with our clients

We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the health sector that offers health professionals, companies and entities solutions that allow improve your work processes and the quality of life, save time and resources, increase billing and optimize overall management of its activity through unique procedures in the market.

We have a team of wide experience in the field of specialized management in the health sector -a complex environment that requires precise knowledge of the interlocutors and processes- capable of advising and developing professional services focused on efficient management and to business development of our clients.

Dibujo con clientes
dibujo profesional sanitario mostrando un informe

We facilitate the dedication of the health professional to care.

Through business intelligence we can make life easier for our clients thanks to a classification of information and an improvement in processes that allow us to recover resources and time: We transform our clients' information into knowledge, optimizing resources and reducing costs and dedication.

We offer services of consultancy (forensic audit, definition of processes, identification of health sector agents, artificial intelligence, training); execution (Billing, controlling and collection management, incident resolution, medical agenda management,...); and monitoring (reporting, presentation of results, reassessment of processes...).

Physicians who delegate process management, billing, human team management, collections, etc. to Sinkservices. they have the professional support from an expert team and also with a personalized attention that adapts to the needs of both medical teams, autonomous doctors and a small, medium or large company.

sinkservices has its own system, with services and processes developed over the years and specifically designed to respond to the needs of doctors in their day-to-day life.

Efficient management, value generation

We firmly believe that the efficient management of our clients' information generates value. And for this reason we have designed our own management processes, based on a methodology adapted to the complexity of the different actors in the health sector that allow us to guarantee results in terms of improved efficiency.

Knowing the problems and peculiarities of each organization and knowing how to address their specific needs are the keys to adopting appropriate solutions. And all this can be done thanks to the flexibility, the individualization of the processes and the personalization of the services.

Parallel to the provision of specific services, Sinkservices carries out a permanent task of monitoring the activity of each of its clients, a work of analysis and preparation of reports that allows, on the one hand, to have periodic control of all the activity developed and, on the other, even more important, to serve as a guide for making intelligent decisions regarding the business based on the results shown by the reports. And that is achieved thanks to the absolute transparency in the development of our work.

Our consulting team is permanently available to the client to assess any need or demand and resolve it appropriately, based on their knowledge of it and the solutions we have and that allow us to adapt to specific situations.

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If you prefer, you can contact by calling tel. 913 761 166 (Madrid). We promise to respond to your request as soon as possible. You can also reach us on the following telephone numbers:

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