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We carry out and coordinate Ad-hoc health projects, helping companies to enhance one of their greatest assets, PEOPLE.
Implementing innovation, excellence and flexibility, we guarantee the success of each project, putting at your disposal a great technical and human team.

Health is not everything, but without it everything else is nothing.


TOP projects

Prevention of visual impairment and blindness
If I see perfectly
why worry?
According to the WHO, 80% of the global cases of blindness could be avoided. The problem is that many times we worry only when we have symptoms, which may mean an already advanced stage of the disease.
And how is the test done?
Is it going to hurt?
Absolutely! We only need an image of your retina (or retinography), taken by a specific device that maintains a safe distance from the eye. Therefore it is a painless, safe and fast test.
And what can be detected with a retinography?Our artificial vision algorithms explore the image, looking for signs of diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD or Glaucoma, even in very early stages of these diseases.
But how reliable is this technology?This technology is co-developed and validated by the Andalusian Health Service. In addition, we have expert retinologists on the team who validate each analysis, so we can guarantee accurate results.
How and when will I get the results?In less than 72 hours Sinkservices will give you a retinology report. You will have the peace of mind that you are preventing blindness.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Identify risk factors that affect the appearance of lower performance of people in organizations.
  • Perform two non-invasive medical tests. “Cardiac color Doppler echocardiogram” and “Electrocardiogram”.
  • Learn techniques to reduce physiological tension and stress by identifying self-help and motivation mechanisms in a work session.

mindfulness; Work stress.

We train the mind and body through meditation. Once the individual begins to practice Mindfulness, they are able to react to common situations in the work environment in a very different way than they did in the past.

Smoking cessation programs


Smokers register "more absenteeism and illnesses" than other employees.

For every employee who achieves the goal of quitting smoking, the company will earn between 10 and 30 minutes of effective work for the company.


Program divided into four phases:


Taught by: Medical professional (Pulmonologist and Medical Homeopath)
and Psychologist.

Coaching for the company

Benefits of Coaching for the company

A good coaching process in the professional field results in an improvement in employee involvement, productivity and talent retention, and has a positive impact on all those involved in the process: company, clients, managers and individual team members.

Increase productivity and profitability as a consequence of increasing the level of job satisfaction and happiness of people in their work. Better results are obtained in quantity and quality.

• Improves the commitment level with the company, while reducing absenteeism. People in the organization have a more satisfying life.

Improves the fulfillment of objectives and the coordination of actions. It helps the workers of an organization achieve shared behaviors, acting as a great team in order to obtain their goals.

• Makes it easy for people to get the tools they need to respond effectively to changes.

• It allows build relationships of trust among the members of the organization, through the integration of self-knowledge and empathy.

In which situations is coaching recommended?

•When operating results are not achieved or should be improved.
•Whenever there is a change in management, key team members or restructuring.
•In any merger process that hinders or slows down the achievement of objectives.
•If indicators of low motivation are observed (increased absenteeism, lack of leadership, reduction of constructive discussions, increase in conflicts, rumors in the hallway, etc.)
•Support in personnel promotions, during the first months of adaptation to the new position.
•Whenever aspects are detected in the organization that clearly affect performance.

occupational nutrition

Benefits for the company

According to scientist Christopher Wanjek, investments in nutrition are repaid through a reduction in sick days and accidents, as well as a improved productivity and mood. The actions to promote a healthy life are an intangible that companies increasingly value within their policies, not only of Human Resources, but also of Social Responsibility.


Prevent and combat overweight, obesity and chronic degenerative diseases, promoting healthy eating habits in the population of employees of your company through a professional and comprehensive Nutrition program.
• Significant reduction of overweight, obesity.
• Promotion and improvement of eating habits
• Implementation of healthy menus in the dining room of
the companies.
• Reduction of elevated blood glucose levels,
cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid in workers.
• Improvement of digestive ailments such as constipation,
gastritis, colitis and gastroesophageal reflux.

TEAM BUILDING Cooking workshop for companies

Sergio Fernandez, presents us with some workshops in which the objective is to learn the most significant and tasty recipes and dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, with all the aroma and flavor of the traditional, without leaving International Cuisine, which we will also take a brief walk through its most acquaintances. We use healthy and light cooking, we will learn the different techniques, how and why to use them, how to enhance their flavors and how to organize ourselves to prepare these appetizing dishes. The classes combine theory and practice but always with the apron on and in front of the pot. Participatory 100% workshop, where the students themselves prepare the recipes from the beginning until they are presented on the plate or platter.


Benefits for the company

Integration dynamics have become an alternative to solve different problems within companies: from strengthening the leadership of managers to improving communication, teamwork and the pursuit of objectives. They have also been characterized for being, for the most part, innovative and purposeful, but there is one that breaks the standards of everyday life, it is about... Cooking. The kitchen is a good metaphor for what a company can face in its organizational and operational structure, from the pursuit of objectives, strengthening leadership or improving communication in teams... Cooking awakens these instincts in the participants.
Benefits for the company These culinary activities may help companies to improve in:

•Integration of work teams.
•Innovation and creativity.
•Share risks.
•Improvement in relationship with customers and suppliers.

The Company, in turn, also obtains benefits such as: reduction in employee turnover, encouragement of employee morale, greater efficiency in the company's processes, and reduction of communication problems; generating higher profits for the company.

Prevention of alcohol consumption

According to the International Labor Organization, one third of fatal accidents at work are related to substance use, the accident rate increases two to three times and sick leave and absenteeism triple. The Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD) concludes, for its part, that 3% of workers absent from work is due to having ingested alcohol, and that the lower the job qualification, the more alcohol they drink. Among the 20-40% of the disciplinary files processed by a company are related to the consumption of toxic substances.


•Prevent and reduce occupational accidents.
•Contribute to a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.
•Reduce absenteeism and periods of sick leave.
•Reduce and eliminate alcohol consumption.
• Generate an image of quality and Corporate Social Responsibility of the company.

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