Direct billing with insurers

Combining more than 20 years of experience in billing addresses of different hospitals, with the latest IT technology, we have designed our own software: SinkMedical , which has allowed us to fill the existing gap in the sector, to manage the billing of the medical professional with the different insurers, guaranteeing the invoicing of their fees accurately, quickly and reliably, adjusting to the needs of our clients with fluid and constant communication.

In our data recording process, we establish quality controls that offer maximum reliability in each billing, through selective supervision and exhaustive purification in data processing.

Work methodology:

  • Reception of documentation in situ and/or electronically.
  • Data treatment
  • Issuance of invoices with delivery in the days of commitment in the different Insurers.
  • Monthly summary of the total billing volume with number of visits and amount billed by the Insurer.
  • Management of own scales.
  • Management of collections and claims.
  • Preparation of reporting and/or reports according to the client's needs (statistics by consultation/physician/insurer, financial reporting, etc.)
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